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ZBC was established officially in 2013, after the House of Representatives passed a bill that was signed by the President of Zanzibar and Chairman Revolutionary Council, Ali Mohammed Shein, on 19th April 2013, as an act numbered 4 of 2013. Since its inception, ZBC has been dedicated to providing comprehensive and unbiased news coverage, entertainment, and educational content to the people of Zanzibar

The Voice of Zanzibar

The Voice of Zanzibar was launched in 1951 using equipments such Spartan a gramophone, a microphone and mixing scale of an old public address amplifier. After few days, the station, which employed eight radio Journalists and five technicians, broadcast for one hour daily from 5pm to 6. In the first half of 1956, experiments were made in relaying programmer from the neighbouring stations and from the BBC Arabic service.


Soon after the union Sauti ya Unguja was renamed Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar (STZ). Then 1966, the Revolutionary Government started to expand the station. The old building in Rahaleo was renovated and the installation of a 50 km Short – wave transmitter for broadcasting to the Mainland and overseas was received. The major language used was Swahili.


The installation was only completed in 1986. These it was possible to listen to the programmers with in a radio of 7,000 km. In 1991, STZ had also two Medium Wave transmitters with 20 KW and 50 KW for local reception, but these were after out of order Revolution only Government of Zanzibar.


Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Television, in August 1971, Government authorities conceived the idea to establish Television station in support of STZ.


Mass education campaigns sub subsequently, the Revolutionary Government signed an agreement with London – based PYE, TVT which become responsible for the constellation of the equipment the engineers of PYE TVT examined the in structure on the Island and concluded that the only building suitable for housing Zanzibar Television Centre was the Municipal Hall (Today Karume House), due to the then an specious economic conditions, the station was equipped with top grade products during 1973, such as a new 5 KW UH 4 transmitter. After Programmers had been broadcast on a trial basis from March, 9th 1973. Television Zanzibar (TVZ) was inaugurated on January, 12th 1974.


Being Africa’s first clear Television network, TVZ programme was initially transmitted for only one hour day. On October, 3rd 1977, Zanzibar’s then persistent Aboud Jumbe, a grave his TV guidelines speech which like Nyerere’s Press charter can be regarded as classic of Tanzania media policy.


We have started time and time again that TV in Zanzibar is an investment in development, a tool by means of which our people can enhance their own development. We in Zanzibar are absolute committed into education through colour TV. We must therefore create an atmosphere conducive to the development of the education through the means we envisage. But learning cannot be imposed by force upon large number of indifferent people one a orating what we have is that very many people through the Island agree on the need for education in general. For a country as was as Zanzibar whole many tribes and different cultures understand a Common language and share a basic cultural hen age, much can be archived through mass media specially, Television.


Consequently, education programmes were given priority. TVZ produced broadcast for schools and literally co pagans. Agriculture programmes were introduced proving lessons on forming methods, such as the use of fertilizers and the appropriate choice of crops. Moreover, health transmission dealt with pre- and Into-natal and the prevention of various diseases.


In general Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation has a full coverage and transmitters for much information within the FM, SW and MW, also medium wave has full coverage in all Tanzania. Short wave radio is a unique radio has coverage all regions in Tanzania and other countries like Middle East, Great Lakes, South Africa, Sudan and all East Africa.


For Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation Television, we have in an Azam decoder, which has circulating in all Tanzania regions and East Africa included six countries also decoder of Zanzibar Multiplex (ZMUX, which has full networking in Zanzibar. ZMUX is Company own by Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. Also Television we reaching through the Coconut decoder, Cable Television and other decoders like Star times.


All in all is a better for Zanzibar Networks Telecommunications Company (ZANTEL) to use the Zanzibar Corporation for people of Zanzibar in every sector.


Thank you,


Ramadhan A. Bukini,

Director General,

Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation.

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